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The area of Seattle has been inhabited for almost 4, 000 years. The earliest inhabitants were the Duwamish Tribe, and with them, came their legends of the man-wolf. Werewolves have inhabited this land long before the first Europeans came.
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 A Loophole to the Code of Wolves

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PostSubject: A Loophole to the Code of Wolves   Sun May 31, 2009 4:49 am

ooc:// I will start this tomorrow.

Pannic, Alir should be here, but you don't have to post once every turn if you don't like.

Arm, Aslin needs to be here. A.) Because it's his Beta fighting for his sister, and....B.) It's his love's little brother. Smile

Daciana, and Victor will be there with Bridgette too, of course. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: A Loophole to the Code of Wolves   Sun May 31, 2009 9:43 pm

The large black Alpha-ess sat on Bridgette's right, and Victor sat at her left. They sat close, protectively, but Bridgette's eyes were on Max. He was a few yards ahead of them, his golden fur shining even under only the full moon's light. She was trembling, and all her muscles were tense. Daciana and Victor, however, were calmer. The Alpha-ess had already pointed out the tree branches and a rather large boulder around the designated fighting arena. Naturally, Max would not be allowed to fight in his human form, but Daciana's teachings had been creative. The red she-wolf practically jumped as new scents wafted into her nose.

The Darkfangs had arrived.

It was her brother, Aslin's scent, that she noticed first, and her eyes searched for his dark fur through the shadows. He appeared, looking very worried, and she lowered her head obediently. She was no longer a Darkfang, but she was still of considerably lower rank.

Daciana nodded in his direction as well, though her head did not dip hardly at all. A white she-wolf soon appeared next to Aslin. Bridgette saw how Caitire trembled too, though she forced a pained smile at her. And then the other's scents, her old pack mates, flooded her nostrils. Alir. Saint.


ooc:// I'll let everyone position their wolves where they want before I do anything more.
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PostSubject: Re: A Loophole to the Code of Wolves   Thu Jun 25, 2009 11:26 pm

Saint was close to the others but even so she tripped over almost anything. She hated walking on the ground but there was no way around it. Trees were a no no for this kind of thing. So instead she tried to still her chains as much as possible and listen closely to the others soft foot falls. Even then it was hard going.

When they had stopped she took in the scent of the other pack and dipped her head in recognition. So this was why Cathal had been so out of it. Bridgette was with this other one. He stood surprisingly confident. She couldn't even detect a fear scent off of him. Only the lingering trails of a vampire that must have been close enough to hug him.

Had he been hunting a vampire? Although she could smell it too as a lingering on the other wolves as well. Did they have a vampire in their pack? It seemed odd but Saint didn't voice her opinion instead she stood with her head held tall already confident that Cathal would beat this dog of a wolf and Bridgette would return to the pack as his happy mate.


Max was standing tall. He lowered his head in respect to the pack but his eyes were quickly on Cathal. The wolf he had to beat. Both of Daciana's and Bridgette's words echoed in his head.

He had to be unexpected and he had to break one of Cathal's legs to make him stop. Otherwise he was as good as dead. Jay had given him a tight goodbye hug. Upset that she had to stay back because she might attack if there was too much blood in the fight.

It was hard for him to leave her behind but he knew that it was needed. She would go hunting was the most likely outcome. The death of Bastet was still on her mind and she knew that her sister was not in safe hands. That coupled with that Max might not come back breathing would haunt her.

He cleared his head re noting his surroundings and judging Cathal's height and weight rather then the sheer size of him and the glitter of his teeth in that black fur. He let instead the bell like laughter of Bridgette and the way her skin was so soft against his. Love kept him calm and he kept his mind set.

This was it.
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PostSubject: Re: A Loophole to the Code of Wolves   Sat Jun 27, 2009 12:47 am

Being a werewolf with little sense of serious, there was no sense of drama haranguing Alir. No, he was here to crack wise and bite people. At the same time.

And now, the Darkfangs. So these were the pack that had decided to get some allies amongst the leeches. Very, very shifty. He looked at them. Eh. They seemed alright. 'Sides, they were allies, and if the pack leader trusted them, good enough for him.

He simply sat there, waiting for word from the alpha. He didn't really have a smart remark ready.
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PostSubject: Re: A Loophole to the Code of Wolves   

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A Loophole to the Code of Wolves
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