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The area of Seattle has been inhabited for almost 4, 000 years. The earliest inhabitants were the Duwamish Tribe, and with them, came their legends of the man-wolf. Werewolves have inhabited this land long before the first Europeans came.
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 Alestonia Lygûl

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Name: Alestonia Lygûl

Nicknames(s): She insists on being called Alesa.

Age: She has just turned 1,000 years.

Gender: Female

Race: Fallaner

Personality: Alestonia’s true nature is an enigma. She was trained for hundreds of years to only show the feeling that was desired by her clients, or her father, and because of this, she lived with a complete lack of feeling, even when left alone. Now that her father is dead, and Alestonia is no longer forced into prostitution, perhaps her true nature will begin to show in time with the right coaxing. On the surface, she is ruled only by logic. It is as if she never had any emotions to begin with.

Appearance: Alestonia is so pale, she looks like a living, breathing corpse, though a beautiful one. Out of habit, she paints her lips red and colors her cheeks a rosy color, making herself a perfect, flawless porcelain doll. Her hair is a shining, silvering white and her eyes are an eerie light blue color. She wears only the finest of dresses and cloaks, usually white but sometimes blue to extenuate her eyes.

History: The Lygûl family was highly renowned in Fallaner. They had strong connections with the Emperor and even attended many of his private parties. This all changed, however, when Alestonia was born. The white haired infant had no Kanu and her mother, horrified at the mere sight of her daughter, refused to even suckle the child. She would have died, had not a nurse taken pity on her and raised her in the servants quarters of the Lygûl castle. But the fury of Alestonia’s mother was not short-lived. She ordered the child be cast out, as was custom for those born without Kanu, though at only 7 years old, she was too young to survive alone. In a shocking turn of events, Alestonia’s father, Rumil Lygûl, took the child himself.

Alestonia’s first memories are happy ones, though she and her father were on the brink of starvation. They lived in the slums of a large village, but he loved her and she grew into her early teens a beautiful, healthy, and gifted young Fallaner. In her 14th year, a short famine hit the plains and forests of Fallaner territory. Food became even scarcer, and telling her he had no other choice, he forced Alestonia to sell her beauty to keep them alive.

So began Alestonia’s years of prostitution. Rumil taught her how to lure men, even married, respectable men, and after many years of practice, the two no longer scraped for food. In fact, they lived in a nice local tavern. Alesa even had her own room for her business.They ate, dressed, and for all intensive purposes, lived well, though Alestonia had five or six clients to handle in a single night. She learned to display only the emotion her client wanted and in time, she forgot what genuine emotions she had. This life, though not desirable for her, would have left her content at least, but Rumil grew lonely for his wife. As each year past he grew lonelier, and Alestonia grew more and more beautiful.

She was 477 years old when he raped her for the first time. She had lost her emotions long ago; she didn’t resist him. This abuse grew more frequent and Rumil began to grow illogically jealous of the time she spent with her clients, though the gold she made paid for his meals and clothes. The sexual abuse turned to physical abuse and Alestonia quickly had to learn to cover up her bruises, cuts, and bite marks so not to offend her clients.

Finally, something inside of Alestonia snapped. She was 623 years old when she slit her father’s throat. It was easy. She waited until he was done beating her face, done biting her breasts, and done using her as his personal whore. He and his serpent Kanu fell asleep beside her in bed. She created a thin dagger of ice and slipped it across his throat. His Kanu hissed in pain before turning into ash as the life left her father. She gathered what possessions she had, mostly nice clothes and gold, and left before his body could be discovered. She now lives as a fugitive, using prostitution to fulfill her basic needs when she has to.

Proficiency of Magic: Alesa is gifted in the element of water, but her real speciality is ice magic. She can create, destroy, and manipulate ice to her will and can effectively use it both offensively and defensively.

Kanu - None yet.





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Alestonia Lygûl
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