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The area of Seattle has been inhabited for almost 4, 000 years. The earliest inhabitants were the Duwamish Tribe, and with them, came their legends of the man-wolf. Werewolves have inhabited this land long before the first Europeans came.
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 Turin Yrauval

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Name: Turin Yrauval

Nicknames(s): none

Age: He is 1,000 years.

Gender: Male

Race: Taurn

Personality: Nobility, passion, and loyalty describe Turin's personality. He is very elegant and refined in most of his actions. He has strong opinions, though. He becomes frustrated when those opinions are criticized. His anger resembles the fury of a fierce storm. He is very passionate, but has had no opportunity to express the passion. He forms close ties with those he does know and is slow to break the relationship for any reason. He will only abandon someone if he himself feels rejected. He is a steadfast friend to those closest to him. While he tries to remain non-judgmental, he can't help but hold prejudiced feelings toward the Morian elves. He fully believes the history that says they are the reason for all of the troubles among the elves.

Appearance: His shining, blond hair is so light that it appears white. It hangs loosely atop his shoulders. Its soft texture shows that it has never gone a day without being washed. All 6'5'' of him is well-defined with musculinity. There can be no doubt as to his strength even though he has never had to use physical force. Emerald green eyes appear calculating but soften when looking at someone he trusts. They penetrate the air around him with careful understanding. He rarely wears a shirt because he prefers to feel the wind move around him, but he is forced into clothes during the cold season. When he does dress, he wears the best clothes that money can buy.

History: Turin is the nephew of the king of the Taurn elves. When it was discovered that he was born without a Kanu, his parents were overwhelmed with pity for their son. His twin brother, Ruinte, had thankfully turned out normal. Turin was sent away with a maid, Layla, in the hope that he could grow up successfully. Money was sent to them every year to pay for his care.

Also, every year, Turin would sneak to the manor to see his parents for one night. He looked forward to these visits. His parents, likewise, appreciated knowing that their son was growing just fine. Secretly, they hoped that some cure would be found and he would find his Kanu lost somewhere. The king had yet to produce an heir. Despite the fact that Ruinte could claim the title, their parents felt it should belong to the firstborn. They prayed to the gods for the day that Turin would be acceptable to society.

Layla was getting restless, though. She craved society and wans wanted the comfort of men. When Turin was 598, she hatched a plan to have him hide whenever she had male callers. This worked very well for a couple of centruies. Layla became greedy and increased the frequency of her "private nights." When Turin was in his 700s, he become intrigued with they relationships Layla was setting up around her. She became infuriated when men would leave her. It was as if she couldn't believe that setting herself up as a sexual object would result in her being used as such. As much as Turin felt the need for a woman's touch, he could't accept the kind of relationship that was based solely on sex. He had seen the emotional hurt that it caused Layla...and sometimes the physical hurt that it called the men. He was 816 when he got caught sneaking breakfast to his room. The visitor wouldn't accept Turin's excuse to retreat to his room and demanded that he join him for breakfast. That was when the stranger noticed the lack of a Kanu. Layla woke to the sound of violent shouting and the attempt to cause physical harm to the boy. He screamed at her that something so disgusting shouldn't exist. She agreed with him, but said she couldn't give up the money she received from caring for him. Turin couldn't believe she would admit such a thing in front of him. He gathered his possessions and left her precious money.

He returned to his parents manor that night. He explained the situation and asked for shelter in an abandoned shack behind the manor. They willingly accepted this plan and even set up Ruinte as his caregiver. It was now Ruinte's job to bring Turin food and provide company for him. Turin became dedicated to his twin. He felt close to him. This didn't ease his need to a relationship with a girl. He hatched a plan to leave. He proposed that he and Ruinte go out and explore the world. As long as they kept moving, Turin wouldn't need to fear persecution. Maybe he would find a girl who could understand. His parents were thrilled by this and also hoped that he would find a Kanu along the way. They knew it was foolish to think so, but they couldn't help but have false hope. It was settled. Turin and Ruinte would leave.

Proficiency of Magic: He is skilled at air magic. In particular, he is a master of wind magic, but uses it mostly for defensive purposes.
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Turin Yrauval
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